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HELLO! Long time no see.

  Phew, how's everyone doing? We've all been through a lot since I last wrote anything down. Corona, the on going car crash that is Brexit, UK politics and just when you think it couldn't get any worse, now the Ukraine war.  But here we are in Spring 2022 and Corona is over (well, actually it's not...)  Quick update on the other job - Cycletherapy work has come back post Corona with trail building, designing, reporting and mending all back on the calendar, with builds at Perth (Kinnoull Hill), Laggan (Orange) and the long forgotten design for Tarland II now being built. Hiding in the wings are some interesting design / feasibility studies that if they ever see the light of day will be very exciting developments.  Eye auto focus revelation! Sandy testing the rebuild at Laggan Pete the digger driver testing the Perth rebuild Product shot for Cairngorm Brewery But photography really took a hit, with basically everything stopping dead for almost 20 months. A few wee project

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