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Summer 2019 Round Up.

A funny old summer that was, yes, I know, it's not over yet, but kids going back to school kinda means it's a change of season to me.  The last few summers have been dominated (although I try not to let it be) by training for the 3 Peaks cyclocross race and this is how this spring started again. Lots of long road rides, actually 'gravel' road rides as we're spoiled for that up here. Then into my structured training schedule figured out by David Lines of Espresso Cycle Coaching. Davie had studied the data and decided we should work in the initial stages training on low down power and torque, cue many, many repeats of our nearby big climb - the Burma road, all done in a higher gear than comfortable and at low revs. As it was still only April at this point, some of these reps were done into the snow, with studded tyres fitted and winter gloves, this was just about doable - not pleasant, just bearable. These sessions were hard, but even outside in the wintery weath

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