Thursday, 24 June 2010

Jings, a month since my last post; kids, kitchens, work and riding make time disappear! Being a mountainbike trail designer isn't that eco friendly, I've been all over Scotland and Northern England racking up the miles in the van, seeing clients, reccé-ing sites and doing far more consultancy than building. To redress this I've been down at the local trail centre doing F.C. required inspections, raking, pruning and some minor hand repairs, plus some proper "trail fairy" work on my local favourites. The trails are riding beautifully at the moment, fast, grippy and flattering, so much so that I'm entertaining thoughts of taking off the big Panaracer 2.35 Rampages and putting on some fast summer treads (that'd be the kiss of death to the nice weather and I do love the confidence the big fat Rampages give me) hmmmmm, no rush.
I don't know how I've managed, but since the last post I've managed to clock up some almost respectable roadie mileages and am starting to feel stronger on both bikes. I loved the winter of skiing, but I'm a bike rider first and foremost and it's lovely to be back to some sort of decent riding fitness. Hammering along singletrack in the big ring - it's what makes me happiest, I'm even harbouring thoughts of dipping my toes back into the manic world of veterans xc racing, but only if I can keep up; those boys are old hands, fit as elites, shaven legs everywhere and not keen to yield the racing line! But the Tallboy deserves to be raced, it's really what it's for.