Monday, 13 January 2014

Cycletherapy has mostly been here!
It's the planning phase for a lot of jobs at the moment, which needs doing or no more builds, and to tell the truth a winter without building trails is not a bad idea after last years struggle.
Some nice little community skills areas on the cards to do this Spring, those in conjunction with some bigger Forestry Commission jobs this summer will keep me nicely out of mischief for another financial year!
On a different tack, the photography work has picked up and as this may well be the long term plan for when I'm too old to build trail I needed to focus (sorry) back on it again and as much as I love taking pics of bikers and outdoor sports, my main source of clients appears to be the housing market. A lot of high value properties, whether for sale or as holiday let businesses, have truly awful pics and I think people are realising that a snap with a point and shoot or an iPhone really doesn't cut the mustard these days. It's funny that with the proliferation of how to capture digital images - phones / tablets/ etc there is still a market for professionally taken images. I don't think it's about the gear, I just think someone who is being paid to deliver a quality set of images worries over the quality and style of pictures far more than someone who just snaps away.
My biking has taken a back seat to running just now - it's a seasonal thing - I always seem to prefer running when the weather is truly awful and it sure has been rough out there for the whole of the festive season, with regular storms bringing down trees  all over our local fave riding trails. I have been swinging a saw again for a number of clients keen to get trails open asap for paying customers, but really I would like to get onto my local trails as this has a more direct impact on what I like to ride.
The skiings kicked off again for the season, but apart from making sure our kids get as much ski time as they can, the conditions aren't that great for a fun days telemarking, so I'll quite happily ignore the urge to ski 'til conditions improve and spent any free time working on the portfolio and running around wind blown trees!
Til next time....