Tuesday, 17 April 2012

April Busy-ness

So you go and tart up your mtb with lots of new bits, then get really busy with work, to the point that you're too tired to ride - that's not right.
But the end of the financial year period is always pretty mental as clients have to spend the money by that deadline. So me and the team knuckled down to 7 til 7 days and fairly ripped throughout the latest project up above Perth in the Deuchny Woods.
A great wee project, building on the already well liked trail, meeting the mad keen local dh'ers and enjoying ground conditions far better than I'm used to. Only downside is that it will be used the minute we're off it, and without rain to bed the surface down, there will inevitably be some movement of the bone dry surfacing - ho hum, nowt a little volunteer day with rakes and a wacker plate won't fix.
So Easter hols and two weeks with the family, here there and everywhere, knackered!
Bike has been in the wars, having lost a fight with some heather, which ripped off the rear mech and caused a lot of expensive damage, but it needed a new drivetrain anyway....
As I type - mid April, the weather has turned wintery here again, with Cairngorm once again good for skiing, so many distractions!
But, lots to do in the office catching up with admin, projects to price and clients to keep happy.