Friday, 4 April 2014

Spring Update

Ok, blog update, long overdue, but that's cos I'm busy - which is a good thing (sometimes).
At the start of the winter I said no winter trail builds this year, as last winter was just too damn hard to build in  - and what happens? we get a relatively mild easy winter (well certainly at the low levels I build at)
you can build in that...

So because of this I decide to step up my sideline of photography, and what happens? that gets really busy, really quick! Which is fantastic, but now the trail building season is with us I'm going to have to play it canny to fit everything in, as well as be a dad, husband and keen cyclist!
event piccies
house pics

people pics
product pics
action pics (Nash Masson) he's really very good!

I love photography, but for me it's gotta pay it's way or else Cycletherapy will not give it any calendar time at all! Luckily, all photo gigs so far have been at a good rate and long term it gives me the flexibility to use it as an income stream when trail building has to stop because of weather or me being knackered! 
Trail building stuff continues, but as I've said before a lot of my stuff can't be talked about due to planning considerations. However, I can talk about the next couple of builds that will take me through to the summer hols (that's half the year gone) Aberfoyle is getting a wee skills area and Alyth is getting a wee trail, jumps, pump track, fun park type thang. All good fun. 
The keen cyclist part of the life / work balance was satisfied with a weeks good 'beasting' on the road bike is Spain - 38,000' of climbing and near 400 miles in a week, of course as soon as we get back the weather turns all cold and wet, so it's out with the winter road bike and layer upon layer of winter thermals - groan! 
Luckily here the local 'real' mtb trails are in good nick so the Tallboy has been out and about and I'm glad to still feel the love for all that trail riding thing. Mojo still intact - check. 
Ski season rumbles to a finish: it's been a funny old season - heaps of snow, but rubbish weather with lots of days ruined due to high winds. Family Masson has been up as much as poss', but if I'm honest it'll not go down as one of the greats.... anyhoo, the boys have had some good blasts and NÂș 1 son is going to finish of the season at Easter with a 'freestyle' skills clinic (gulp) 
Right that's all your getting for now, going by this rate there'll be another update going into the winter!