Thursday, 18 September 2014

Into the Autumn

Well it's a new season (well it feels like it here) and time for a catch up. Autumn's a good season for me, the kids go back to school - I love them dearly, but very little gets done whilst they're off (home workers). So me and the mrs let out a large sigh of relief and get on with work and some more 'me' time! Which in my case means trying to get fit again (my sort of fit) with loads more riding, both road and mtb. Eventually the body remembers, big hill fitness returns and it's time to squeeze in some epic mtb rides before the dreich months that end in 'ber roll around.  Torridon is good even on a bad day, but we hit it with blue skies, warm sun and no midge, truly some of the best riding this year.


Local trails have been getting a good hammering too, with some old classics getting as much use as possible before harvesting kills them dead. I know it's a crop and needs harvesting, but even so, forest I've ridden trails in for nearly twenty years are scheduled to go.... 

going, going, nearly gone.

But, with the weather so good, it would be a crime not to get onto the local high trails before winter closes them down (at least on bikes!) so some quick up and downs combined with longer forays across the plateau were in order, sometimes alone, sometimes with like minded 'mountain' bikers. 

Coire an Sneachda 

Work has ramped up with a fairly equal mix of Cycletherapy and photo work. Trail stuff at the mo' is a mix of helping clients through planning applications, designing new tracks, trail surveys and a wee bit of trail maintenance training for various government bodies - I quite like this stuff, as I get older I like the idea of passing my info on. The photo work is progressing nicely with a steady influx of properties to shoot and something new to be learnt every contract; from dealing with tricky properties, to new lighting techniques, photoshop skills and streamlining the workflow through to the client. I love it! it's not quite the action shooting I thought I'd specialise in, but a niche I'm keen to develop and capitalise in. 


Anyhoo, that's enough for the now, it's time for a wee dram before settling into watching how the Scottish Independence results play out - whatever happens there's tricky times ahead up here!