Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Winter Part II

What a strange old Spring! Spring for me means getting in some post winter trail maintenance work, meeting new clients as the financial year rolls over into new budgets and logging some longer road rides.
Now add to this - skiing!
We've had an unprecedented amount of Spring snowfall which is a huge surprise after Cairngorm effectively 'closed down' for skiing in late February!
So, as local season pass owners, we have been getting up the hill to ski at every opportunity to finally make the passes worthwhile. The kids have come on hugely, with number 1 son shredding around the whole mountain and his wee brother now confidently cruising the blues - happy days.
Meanwhile, on the one day a week which the missus and I are kid free, we selfishly ditched work, grabbed our off-piste kit and headed out of the ski area for a wee ski tour.
Amazing cover in the mountains, with huge long uninterrupted runs followed by some relaxed skinning back up (June loved the fact that I'm full of the cold, as she found my subdued climbing pace much more to her liking!)
As for the bloody 'lurgy', it's been lingering for ages now, with any 'proper' exercise reducing me to fits of coughing and much tiredness. Tried antibiotics, to no avail, so I'm just having to let it run it's course and slowly feel my fitness ebb away, ok for mucking about on the mtb, but no racing this summer....
Workwise - after an enjoyable spell of hand maintenance at Laggan Wolftrax (nothing makes me happier than tending trails)  I'm back in the office doing lots of consultancy work which I can't really say too much about, but there are some very interesting things in the pipeline, hopefully know more come the next blog update.
Anyhoo as I type there been yet more fresh snow up on the hill, so as 'proper' exercise is off the menu I might head up the hill for my post keyboard bashing reward.