Monday, 11 March 2013

End of February, and what happens, it all freezes solid...
Glenlivet's done as best we can in this weather; we need to do some fine tuning with the rakes, the final compaction with the various rollers, a bit of tree 'pruning' and just a general once over before letting it rest a bit before serious use starts in the summer (?)
So we're just going to have to go and take care of other business before returning when it's all properly thawed out and settled down.
This time of year is always a bit crazy with various clients deciding they have some money that needs spending asap before the turn of the financial year in early April. All well and good, but this is also the time of year when traditionally we get winter part 2!
Laggan is an old friend and no matter what happens or what I'm doing I always jump at the chance to go and give the old trails a helping hand with some big toys, in this case the old Red has some really problematic wet muddy puddly bits which are past the point of light spade work and really need some heavy duty rock armouring to handle the heavy usage by yer typical Laggan 'hooligans' (insert obligatory winking smiley emoticon) with todays bigger bikes, tyres and riding habits.
Problem is, everything's frozen, so all we can do is ship in rock and armour where we can, when we can. Dressing of the surface with the obligatory crushed aggregate can only happen during the brief spell of 'plus' temperatures in the middle part of the day.
Bit of a 'mare really, but we slowly get the metres done.
Oh, and we are just about to start on a funpark / skills area at Aboyne - did I say I'm busy!
There's other 'stuff' happening behind the scenes as well, but I'll save them for later...