Friday, 23 April 2010

One week now with the Tallboy and I can report it's very good! Without rehashing all the usual 29er benefits, I can say that even ignoring the big wheel issue it's still very good! The frame is laterally very stiff and this combined with the short chainstays makes powering out of corners great fun. Suspension wise it's plush and active, which as someone who likes to sit and spin proves a real boon when climbing rooty rocky trails, it certainly feels like a very good 100mm. It is very nimble without being twitchy at speed; the front end can really be chucked into corners, it's just soooo much fun to really lean the bike in and let it carve round - it really is the best "carving" bike I've ever had (skiers will know what I mean!) So, it climbs technical terrain well, effortlessly covers rough ground and descends like a bigger trail bike and it's very light! It makes me want to ride more.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Winer Training, it's meant to be hard - right?

Ooookaaay, so I've found a small training window in my busy day, its just above freezing, its blowing a hooly out of the north and I just know I've got to get the miles in - I mean you can't head into a summer without some real hard man winter epics, anyway the forecasts ok 'til later (more on that later)
Dressing for this is simple; put everything on! Bib knicks, thermal t shirt, arm warmers, bib tights, long wooly socks, mid layers, Roubaix top, gilet, winter gloves/boots, buff, helmet, then spare gloves and waterproof in back pocket along with the obligatory jelly babies and flapjack thingy.
Click in and spin off into a solid wall of ice cold headwind, on the flat I'm in 39x19, with only a 21 and 23 left for the lumpy bits ahead, hmmm. The next hour or so is hard work, but I'm on top of the gear and in no rush, mindful of "it's base miles, take it easy, it's base miles". Turn and the next leg is with the wind, which is good as there is a dirty big dark cloud chasing me, which before long catches up and celebrates by snowing on me. Final leg, nasty sidewind blowing me around, stinging snow on my right cheek, dayglo waterproof on - not only for warmth, but vis is poor now and I'm genuinely worried about being sideswiped by a lorry. Hill ahead, ignore the base miles mantra and dance up in the big ring, desperate to try and outrun what is now a blizzard (guess the forecast was a bit out then) Over the top, change up, sit down and....... crack, snap, wobble, WTF, everything's gone very wobbly - the seatpost bolt has snapped. Oh. Dear. Me. I'm still 10 miles from home. After realising it's not fixable with a multi tool, chain tool or spoke key, I have no option but to stay in the big ring and stay out of the saddle all the way. Ouch.
As I said, winter training (even if it supposed to be Spring) is meant to be hard - it's character building!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Spring is here; more work, more riding, new bikes.

Well, its been a cracking wee run of weather, mainly dry and warm (!), in fact I was stripped down to just arm/knee warmers and lightweight gilet for riding - which is pretty good for me. Work has been mainly "hands-on" trail fairy type stuff; checking trails, clearing tree debris, cleaning out ditches and general trail TLC (I love working away from those noisy diggers sometimes). With this good weather I'm loath to spend time on project work in the office, but this years starting to look good work wise, with projects fairly close to home this year.
On the riding front, I'm trying to gain a "winter" base - in Spring! Legs feel good due to the number of skiing days this year, but the heart and lungs need a lot more work. I'd like to think I could get race fit for some events later in the season (like the cx season!) But to really kick off the riding year I've just built up a new bike, a Santa Cruz Tallboy, which is a 29er, a wheel size I've really taken to and at the time of writing this I've yet to have a proper ride on. So far though all I know is that it's light - 23lbs and feels very "sprinty", might even do a review type report on it when time allow.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Oh and these have now been used in 2010

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Change of Seasons

Well, I think, at last, that winter has finally thrown in the towel after 3 months of ruling the roost. We had made a good start 2 weeks ago to the green climbing link at Laggan then it snowed again - ugh! Actually down at Laggan it wasn't too bad, but it did make bringing in materials a wee bit trickier and when it all thawed......... It was a good test of the drainage regime!
I'll be back on the spade and rake (and saw) after Easter to deliver some TLC to the trails down there after the first big test of the trails after the snow has melted - and to get them in tip top condition for their demo day in a couple of weeks.
On the home front it's been more skiing for me the missus and number one son and finally some road miles to try and convert my skiing legs into cycling legs! I feel a new bike coming on.......

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Location:Grampian Rd,Aviemore,United Kingdom