Friday, 23 April 2010

One week now with the Tallboy and I can report it's very good! Without rehashing all the usual 29er benefits, I can say that even ignoring the big wheel issue it's still very good! The frame is laterally very stiff and this combined with the short chainstays makes powering out of corners great fun. Suspension wise it's plush and active, which as someone who likes to sit and spin proves a real boon when climbing rooty rocky trails, it certainly feels like a very good 100mm. It is very nimble without being twitchy at speed; the front end can really be chucked into corners, it's just soooo much fun to really lean the bike in and let it carve round - it really is the best "carving" bike I've ever had (skiers will know what I mean!) So, it climbs technical terrain well, effortlessly covers rough ground and descends like a bigger trail bike and it's very light! It makes me want to ride more.

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