Friday, 30 November 2012

Out of November into Winter.

Uh oh, could this be the start of a 'big' winter à la winter 2010! Ski-ing head says hope so - work head says hope not. 
Progress is fantastic on the trails; we've got five digger teams working away and the poor old hand squad are frantically raking, hand finishing, compacting and tidying, desperately trying to keep up with the diggers putting out a thousand meters a week! They are doing a great job, as I keep telling them the diggers may form up the trail, but it's the hand squad that 'tweak' it to make it a fun ride. 
And fun it is, the red has now got it's own unique character and we've all been riding it (including the digger driver who's building it) to get into work of a morning. Tight n twisty, sort of 'Welsh' in places (think narrow full bench cut on a steep sideslope), lovely ASDUG - none of you're 'kitty litter' surfaced aggregate slidiness. 
The Blue can be summed up in one word 'swoopy' you'll see what I mean when you ride it, sort of like a bobsleigh run stroke roller coaster ride. But it is blue so no deliberate jumps on it, however, if you try hard and you know the trail there are jump opportunities to be had. 
I think it's pretty rad for a blue. 
So now it's frosty and we've had our first flakes of winter, this will slow us down, but if we can just keep to my ok'ish winter estimates things should be workable, however, if it 'dumps' it'll be game over. 
Best check me skis then....

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  1. Sounds wonderful. Cannot wait to pop down & give it a whirl.