Friday, 3 December 2010

Well that'll be the winter started then. Last year we had a "big" winter, it started about Christmas, snowed massively and carried on like that until about March, great skiing, but very bad if you make your living building and even trying to survey mountain bike trails.
But hey, no need to worry, a winter like that won't happen again for years. Wrong. This picture was taken last Friday (26th November) and that may be the last day of construction work this year. Bad. The problem is I'm a keen skier, actually, when the powder is deep and untracked I could be called an addict. So on the one hand I stare out of the office window willing it to snow harder and on the other I'm slowly watching my livelihood disappear.
Even non machine based jobs are fast disappearing, it's hard to design and plan a trail when your clients land is under 80cm of snow - that's assuming you can actually get anywhere on out crippled road network - main roads ok-ish, backcountry B roads - nightmare.
4 wheel drive and snow tyres are great up to a point, but with the depth of snow now lying around pushing on to reach work sites is just a bit too silly.
Soooo, take care of office based projects that you were storing for the winter (?) shovel snow and look after the family, ski whenever possible and just go with the flow, after all, you can't argue with mother nature.