Tuesday, 11 May 2010

What's With This Weather!!!

It's May and therefore the 2 pairs of shoes on the right should be getting used i.e. lightweight road and mtb carbon fibery things, instead the two pairs on the left are back in service i.e. the full on wintery, thermal, Goretexy things! It's hard finding the motivation for yet another wet and cold 3 hour road ride, but I do want to be race fit before the end of the season!
Work at the mo' is a mixture of trail surveys for up and coming projects interspersed with the inevitable hours on the computer typing up reports or trying to do costings for clients. Trail building is not all rakes, spades and diggers! Unfortunately. Well, maybe it's not a bad thing, because this weather is far too cold for enjoying groundworks!
The new website is up and running, I'm very pleased with it - cheers Stuart @ webhighland! It's already generated some interesting new leads, but I'll let you know about them if they ever come off - v' exciting stuff though......

Sunday, 2 May 2010

A great week; did some hand maintenance on Laggan Wolftrax trails, got two good long bike rides in - one road, one mtb, some office based pre-project stuff and a lovely visit to see how the Knoydart Trust trail is coming on.
On the down side, my bum is still a long way from being "at one" with my trusty old saddles - which were perfectly comfy before the winter, but 12 odd skiing weeks later are causing me untold grief. Flite saddles have been under me for 15 odd years now, so I doubt it's them, just my lack of saddle time - need to get some Assos MAL.... Oh and our carefully structured bedtime routine for our two young boys has slipped slightly, with the nice n easy "all quiet by 7.30" replaced by "aaaaaaaaagh" til nearly 9 some nights - bang goes evening rides! Interesting things afoot, I'll let you know if they come come to fruition.