Friday, 2 November 2012

November Glenlivet Update

Quick update on Octobers work; basically, all's going well.
We've had a few snowy scares, where everyone stands still, looks up at the falling snowflakes and silently thinks oh f*ck.....
But it's come to nothing and it's not yet cold enough to break out the thermal long johns, winter boots and snow tyres.
Bet it is by the time this post is read.
The red is shaping up as a nice shade of red; narrow, twisty, tight in the trees and sustained i.e lots of singletrack unbroken by road sections. Great for riders, damned tricky to build though.
The blue - pictured above, is shaping up to be a cracking ride; very fast and flowy, with loads of potential 'air' opportunities if you want them, but no prob's if you don't.
The last 10 days have seen the digger driver get his head around berms - and he has admirably. Luckily the ground conditions are great, allowing us to just keep digging for more and more material as we need it - and we do - current tonnage on the last berm is nearly 200 tonnes! (and it's not finished)
More diggers means monthly meterage is well up, 3000m done in October alone, which sounds impassive, but theres still 14 000m to go!
I really hope it's a useless ski season.....

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