Saturday, 10 April 2010

Change of Seasons

Well, I think, at last, that winter has finally thrown in the towel after 3 months of ruling the roost. We had made a good start 2 weeks ago to the green climbing link at Laggan then it snowed again - ugh! Actually down at Laggan it wasn't too bad, but it did make bringing in materials a wee bit trickier and when it all thawed......... It was a good test of the drainage regime!
I'll be back on the spade and rake (and saw) after Easter to deliver some TLC to the trails down there after the first big test of the trails after the snow has melted - and to get them in tip top condition for their demo day in a couple of weeks.
On the home front it's been more skiing for me the missus and number one son and finally some road miles to try and convert my skiing legs into cycling legs! I feel a new bike coming on.......

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