Monday, 19 April 2010

Spring is here; more work, more riding, new bikes.

Well, its been a cracking wee run of weather, mainly dry and warm (!), in fact I was stripped down to just arm/knee warmers and lightweight gilet for riding - which is pretty good for me. Work has been mainly "hands-on" trail fairy type stuff; checking trails, clearing tree debris, cleaning out ditches and general trail TLC (I love working away from those noisy diggers sometimes). With this good weather I'm loath to spend time on project work in the office, but this years starting to look good work wise, with projects fairly close to home this year.
On the riding front, I'm trying to gain a "winter" base - in Spring! Legs feel good due to the number of skiing days this year, but the heart and lungs need a lot more work. I'd like to think I could get race fit for some events later in the season (like the cx season!) But to really kick off the riding year I've just built up a new bike, a Santa Cruz Tallboy, which is a 29er, a wheel size I've really taken to and at the time of writing this I've yet to have a proper ride on. So far though all I know is that it's light - 23lbs and feels very "sprinty", might even do a review type report on it when time allow.

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