Friday, 18 December 2009

Well, job done, on time and everyone happy. The final few days were slightly hampered by the rapid onset of winter, frost and snow, but the top dressing of dust just sneaked in before everything froze solid - which might be a good thing with the school hol's just round the corner. On that note, although finished trails do look very inviting, if it says stay off, then please do, it is for a very good reason - new trails, especially on poor wet ground, need time to dry out and settle.
It's been a great wee pre-Christmas project, good client, good contractor, good feedback and a great wee skills area utilising what wasn't the biggest or the most promising piece of ground. The record breaking amounts of rain during the build did make things "trickier", but all the measures put in to keep the build going will help better protect the trails for the future.
Right I'm off for a couple of weeks (or three - it's been a long time living away from home) of family time, eating, drinking and hopefully skiing.

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