Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Well, the time has come to rid the legs of several years of growth; aye road racing is back in my life and say what you want, you do not turn up to the Scottish Vets Championships with hairy legs - the commissars would probably just send me home. I've never had a problem with the whole roadie leg shaving thing (apart from that wee bit behind the knee!), regardless of the whys and wherefores, it's just what you do. I even did it for mtb races, it's part of my pre-race ritual, hairless legs = race pain! Those mtb'ers that have a problem with it should study the history of road racing, they are the real hard men, not the trail centre weekend warriors wrapped up in body armour (?!) on their 6" travel earth movers. Anyhoo, I've squeezed in all the training I can, not enough to win, but hopefully enough to be in the fight and am now "tapering". As this is my first road race since marriage and kids I'm getting quite nervous, I know it's going to "really" hurt and I haven't felt that on a bike for years now.

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