Saturday, 16 June 2012

Glenlivet Flagging

Flag, flag, flag, approximately 1500 of them down so far.
My first full week of flagging the routes at Glenlivet has been my time to really get to know what the ground can offer. So far, I've discovered some excellent terrain varying from quite steep exciting sideslopes to more open gentle gradients, superb viewpoints, heavily wooded areas and areas of more open big mature Larch (good digging ground)
All in all the ground is excellent and so far thoughts are leading me to a Blue that will be unique in it's amount of single track and length of downhill sections, a trail that really will take the riders on a journey, with easy single track climbs interspersed with big views and long sustained flowy downhills that weave through the forest like a natural track rather than feeling like a manmade motorway in a wide cleared corridor.
Of course there'll be lumps, bumps and berms, but it won't be a feature laden artificial feeling trail, rather it'll feel like you've just discovered miles of fantastic secret single track.
I'm excited just walking it, can't wait to get to get busy with the red flags next week!

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