Saturday, 23 June 2012

Very steep, very long, very interesting.
The Red route at Glenlivet is now flagged; stats at the mo' look like 6.5k of continuous downhill single track. Well there is a teeny weeny 10m climb at one point
So far managed to tick off all the features that people had been asking for: drop-offs, berms, fast and flowy, tight and tricky, rocky bits (hard and not so hard?), pedally bits (thank you), Laggan-esque, Golspie-esque, Innerleithen-esque (now you're just getting silly)
Only problem is there's thousands of trees in the way and we'll have to ship in hundreds of tonnes of rock to tricky positions, hmmm.
Next week, map drawing, some extra 'links' flagging, an important meeting with the planners and would love to find an extra 500m to equal the Golspie 'longest single track downhill' tag....

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    Look forward to riding some of these trails soon.