Friday, 19 March 2010

The thaw continues. At last the snow has gone from our local trails and I've been able to assess how our local trail centre - Laggan has fared. So the van was emptied of all the winter kit and loaded with chainsaws, handtools, bike, lots of warm kit, trainers (sometimes I run the trails!), various bike shoes, big work boots and loads of green flags for a new trail.
The bike came out first and it was great to blast round the deserted trails, they're riding really well, I suppose a 2 foot snow blanket over the last 3 months has kept them cosy and unused.
Then a slower more critical walk round with the tools, just checking on the drainage and dealing with any downed branches. The black needed some TLC, so two good hard days digging and moving rocks took care of that for the moment, but I'll need to head higher up next week to sort out some drainage issues near the top.
The new green climbing link has started, don't go getting all excited at that, it's only a link from the big motorway by the road to the wee wiggly green run home trail. But it's good to stick some flags in and work again with Duncan - the local (and one of the best) digger drivers.
Oh and there is the small matter of having to fell the trees for him, which after a winter of being a skibum is a rude wake up shock to my soft body! So a busy 5 days, much aching and blistering, bring on the weekend.....

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