Friday, 26 March 2010

Well as the thaw continues another good week of work at Laggan Wolftrax. After a busy weekend of riders and lots of rain I was keen to quickly re-assess the trails as the previous week had been so dry and quiet, all generally ok, with the worst of the puddling and mud being on the climb to the black and the black itself. In fact the poor old black needed quite a bit of spade work to clear some v deep puddles and nasty muddy patches. No worries with this level of erosion, it's just added character! What I was worried about was how much "short-cutting" there was around the demanding rock problems - I mean, come on folks - ride it or walk, going around only drags more mud onto the proper trail and causes more erosion. After much rolling of rocks, dragging of trees and raking over rut lines, order was restored - bring on Easter..... it may well be that the FC eventually decide to "formalise" these "cheat" lines. Discuss! Back on the new green climb all goes well, well apart from the amount of trees I had to fell on my own - ouch! Generally I don't like to fell too many trees when building trails, but in this case they had never been thinned and there was no option but to fell a machine wide corridor, anyway it'll allow more native species to regenerate. (tree hugger bit over!) Off for Easter now, might even ride my bike!

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