Thursday, 2 September 2010

3 weeks to go and getting worried...

MTB race on Sunday, laying slabs Monday, a couple of hours on easy tracks on the cross bike Tuesday, Wednesday rest, so today I felt like turning the screw and hitting the big hills. Our local pain venue is the climb up the Burma road, a bitch on mtb gears, so perfect for a cyclocross bike hurtfest. A ten minute warm up from the house to the foot of the climb, a wee stretch after the hillroad gate, gilet off, start the lap timer and up we go. Gotta simulate race pressure, so hit it hard, then try and settle down into a rhythm. It's a long slog, thirty odd minutes and the tracks pretty loose and rubbly, so can't even stand to ease the legs and back, just got to sit and grind, "spin", I wish. Up a few gears over the top, a wee out of the saddle effort, gilet on, no-handed - "Tour de France stylee", then straight down the other side, turn round and do it all again... Three weeks to go, no cake reward and thinking I should "beast it" for at least another 10 days.

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