Friday, 10 September 2010

Push push push

Aye, everything got pushed this week; my body, my bike and my cross riding skills. With two hard training weeks left til the final "taper" week, I knew some pain had to be had. So; some hard hill running intervals, long cross rides on rocky mountain terrain, long slog hill intervals, short "sprinty" bike carrying sessions, roadie speed work and descending rocky tracks fast. Work, calorie counting and family eventually caught up with me, and after a sleepless midweek night due to a sick kid, Thursdays big hill sesh' of Bynack Mor, Cairngorm and the Burma road felt really, really hard, like shouting "F*CK OFF" into the headwind hard! Mr Haygarth, a seasoned 3Peaks'er reminded me not to train when you've not slept, advice that I normally give to others, but when caught in a tight schedule I just ignored my own common sense and trained on. Got away with it, just, by eating well that night (having pudding!) and bed by 9. Friday was just for fun, a blast round Laggan Wolftrax on the cx bike, cruising up the climbs and bombing down on the (ragged) edge of control, until the inevitable metallic clang of rim hitting rock and my first snakebite puncture in years and that's with the tyres pumped up to 70 odd psi. Landcruisers ordered and 100 psi will be going in them! But how I'd love to use tubs or tubeless. Weight bang on target, no illness and no injuries - apart from my bumpy collarbone which really doesn't like my toptube, toughen up or pipe lagging?

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Location:The Strath

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