Monday, 6 September 2010

And so the days tick down

After a bike free weekend, albeit with a nice wee fell running session squeezed in, it had to be a hard one today. 34 miles, 4003' and 3 hrs later, job done.
A bike/carry up Bynack Mor, then the same up to Coire Cas on Cairngorm, a lap of Badaguish xc course then a bike/carry up the steep bit on Craigellachie, all mixed up with as fast as you can road bits in between.
Nicely knackered after that and struggled a bit with the rest of the day! But, no cramps or "must just lie down" feelings, so not too bad.
What's worrying me is I'm 4 miles and 1000' short of race distance. Must try harder. Times running out though!

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