Saturday, 6 November 2010

Back to trail building

Ok, I'll be the first to admit it, I've spent too long planning or directing (standing around) trail builds, but for the latest job I'm pitching in with the team to make sure we're all done before Christmas - and the possible return to an Arctic winter! So it's no surprise that proper grafting has come as something of a shock to my bike conditioned (skinny) body. I love this wee project; an interesting site, a feature packed design, jumps, rocks, North-Shore, a good client and above all a good team. I've missed real trail building; flagging, felling, digging, woodwork and using the machinery are all tasks that keep the "consultancy" part of my work grounded with what can actually be done on the ground. I'm mean it's all very designing a trail, but if you don't know how to actually build it then you'll never know what's really "do-able" - like when you ask a digger driver to build a rock staircase on a 45ยบ slope in tight trees. Well done Chris! But, grafting, plus clocks going back has left me with no daylight, or more truthfully, energy for training - turbo? I don't think so! Hopefully, I'll get sorted to do some lunchtime rides with the local riders next week, but at the moment next weekends cyclo-cross race at Lochore Meadows looks like a trundle round in the middle of the pack sort of a race. Oh and I noticed the 'Puffer entries are on line now, still undecided about that race, but at least the Solo's now full - that's that decision made!

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  1. On getting stuck in on the ground with a build - couldn't agree more. My favourite part by far.

    Loved your post on the planning of the trail - walking the ground, committing to a line. Your experience and honesty shine through and rings very true. There is considerable pressure to get it right. 'Tis a great moment when the line starts coming together, clicking into place, but it can be bloody frustrating getting there!

    On the cross racing - could you make it over to the Mull races??