Saturday, 13 November 2010

A cracking week work wise, good progress up in Alness, good news on the funding front for a local project and a couple of juicy leads to follow up, oh and a major feasibility report finally done (haven't typed so much in ages).
Hopefully now I can squeeze some riding in somewhere, the bikes always in the van, but even I sometimes can't find time in a busy day to ride and before you know it another week's gone by with no proper saddle time. I had hoped to race a cyclo-cross race this weekend, but no time to ride in the last week or so has severely dented my racing "edge", what with that and working in the evenings to catch up on report writing means I just didn't fancy a 5 hour round trip for a forty minute race. These bloody "Scottish" cross races are just all so far away - I might have to dip my toe in the race organising arena and get one sorted for up here. I think I'll just have to admit the season is over and get the mudguards fitted!
Winter has suddenly arrived anyway and much as I love all things bike I always will lust after a "big" winter, in my wildest dreams I couldn't imagine another winter as good as last year, but it's already snowy on Cairngorm, enough for skiing, enough for the old excitement to start bubbling up again, enough to start reading ski reviews and checking the winter kit is all ready. Well Sunday night, better load up the van for another week, turn this computer off and try to get to bed early - bypassing the XFactor / Strictly exclusion zone (front room)

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