Saturday, 20 November 2010

Is it done yet?

Normally having riders hanging around or riding trail as it's being built is a right pain - Health & Safety matters and on brand new "delicate" surfacing i.e. too wet, too dry or recently thawed, it damages the trail, but on this project it's kinda fun.
This trail is for these guys, so whether they're on bmx's, jumpy hardtails, dh rigs or cross bikes (?) I like to listen to what they've got to say. It's nice to have riders, who you know are dying to get on the trail and ride it, politely hanging back, just waiting until you say ok to give it a go.
The tyre marks left overnight make for an interesting read next morning, no panic braking and tracks "right down the middle" show the designs working, sometimes it even highlights "cheat" lines that I hadn't seen, which means we can do something about it there and then - all good on trails that have to squeeze as much as possible out of a small area.
All in all a good week, the frosts have been mild (once the ground and materials freeze up you're buggered!) no major rain and in fact the biggest issue is the amount of leaves we have to keep clearing out of our way - this is the first time I've ever seen a leaf blower used on a trailbuild! Other projects are coming in, which being design and planning jobs, should allow for a nice little buffer of office time should the winter close down builds like last year. In fact the smart money would be to not plan for any winter builds. Skiing's already started on our local hill, but at this time of year I still prefer to use any "spare" time to grab some cycling miles, lord knows if we have a winter like last year we'll soon be forced onto the treaded "turbo".

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